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Our Guarantee

Here Is Our 100% Guarantee To You
If for any reason you purchase our KForce products and are not completely satisfied we will consult you for FREE at our Edgecliff office in Sydney, Australia. We offer this FREE professional consultation as we understand it is very difficult to treat all cases of bad breath, stale taste and dry mouth by simply offering products over the Internet. All our products and treatment kits, were designed by dentists with the cooperation of Universities in New Zealand and USA. So we know they have the science behind them to prove they work.

So now you can try our KForce Oral Health Products with Confidence and if for any reason you need more help, then we are here to advice you or consult you.
Dr. Geoffrey Speiser & Staff

Our Testimonials

Benny (from Singapore)
Hi, this is Benny from Singapore. I have been buying KForce Plus from BreezeCare for about half a year and the result has been phenomenal. Before I started on this program I tried taking mints, mouthwash, herbal medicine. I went to the dentist to try and arrest any decay I might have. But the disappointing thing was the result was not as good as I hoped it would be. So one day I was surfing the net and I came across this company with the great products. Definitely I was sceptical as the price was not cheap. But I went ahead and now I am on my third cycle of ordering. My wife commented to me that during the first week of my trial that the result was fantastic. I no longer smell bad and she can look at me. We can have a decent conversation. Also when I chat with my colleagues and staff they no longer put a finger across their nose. So that's my testimony and I stand by everything I say.

Emmanuel (from United Kingdom)
Hi, my name is Emmanuel and I am from the UK. I purchased KForce Toothpaste, Balance Rinse as well as the probiotic oral rinse. Well, before I Started using the BreezeCare range of products I used to get terrible bad breath and morning breath. But since I started using BreezeCare products my bad breath has gone, and really gone forever. Another thing, before I started using BreezeCare products when I talked to people they would back away from me because of my bad breath. But not anymore, and my confidence has soared. Now I can socialise with people without worrying about my breath. I used to have bad breath that filled the room, but that is a thing of the past thanks to BreezeCare products. My recommendation is simple, just try it for yourself. And please follow the instructions religiously. It works, period. Bye for now.

Mary (from United Kingdom)
I am writing to testify of what I have reaped from your products. I delayed in sending in my testimony because I wanted to really be sure of what I am writing. I noticed the difference right from the first time I used the products. But that was my own observation. I wanted to see other people's reaction because my problem was with people not with myself. I found myself at work with this senior colleague and she approached me to speak to me and I found myself responding so close as I have never done before and she did not withdraw her face quickly from me neither did she rub her hand on her nose and look at me as is usually the case. I have also noticed that so many other people I have spoken to, have not withdrawn from me either. I can now speak to people with confidence. I feel very happy with myself now. I feel liberated from this big burden that was standing in front of me. I thank God who gave me the idea to go to the internet in search for help. I am also appreciative for finding you when I went into the internet. May God bless you for giving me a solution to my problem. That means I have better things waiting for me this year. Thanks for your continuous co-operation.

Paul (from United Kingdom)
Hi, my name is Paul from the UK. I have been using BreezeCare & KForce products for the past 8 years. I have found them really useful. Once you get into the routine of using them, they really are a great way to ensure your breath is always fresh. I noticed a difference with them straight away. My routine is I use the KForce Toothpaste to clean my tongue and teeth. I also use the KForce Balance Rinse products every third day. And I also use the KForce Lozenges that ensures my breath is kept fresh straight away. I also use the KForce Lozenges after lunch and in the afternoon. They are particularly good if you are busy and on the go all the time. I would recommend them to everyone. I found KForce particularly useful and a fantastic way to keep your breath fresh.