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Tooth Mousse is an Australian product for oral health, developed at the Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne.

Tooth Mousse does not act as toothpaste and is not designed to be used as a replacement for your dental care routine.

Tooth Mousse is an additional product that you can include in your teeth hygiene care. The product contains minerals that are also commonly found in the composition of your teeth: Calcium and Phosphate. It also includes casein, a crucial milk protein.

The combination of these minerals and protein is designed to replenish the lost calcium and phosphate in the enamel. It remineralises decayed and damaged teeth and restores the upper layer of the enamel.

The Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne developed Tooth Mousse which is a topical oral health product that has been proven to remineralise decayed teeth. What it does is restore mineral balance in the general environment.

There are several advantages of using Tooth Mousse and below you’ll find evidence proving the benefits of Tooth Mousse. The study was conducted by Sbaraini, A., Adams, G.G. & Reynolds, E.C. which covers Experiences of oral health: before, during and after becoming a regular user of GC Tooth Mousse Plus® published by BMC Oral Health.

Regular Use of Tooth Mousse

There is research that proves there is a difference and positive outcome after using Tooth Mousse for oral health and hygiene. It not only acts to protect teeth from decay but also erosion. What it does is also buffer dental plaque pH, reduce sensitivity, and remineralise white spot lesions. This study is interesting in particular since it explores the changes and benefits of before, during, and after regular use of the product. 


This was a qualitative study that applied Charmaz’s grounded theory methodology. There were fifteen people interviewed who became regular users of Tooth Mousse. The participants were adult Australians who were prescribed GC Tooth Mousse Plus® by a dental professional. Following each interview, the transcripts were closely analysed. This entailed a mix of memo writing, data interpretation, and transcript coding by the researchers.

Results & Outcome

Each participant gave details about their own oral health and disease status before, during, and after using Tooth Mousse. In this study, it was used as part of their daily oral hygiene routine. It took into account a variety of experiences that included financial, biological, habitual, and psychosocial aspects. To participate, the users had to have reported a history and family history of oral disease, dry mouth, sensitivity, or damaged mouth and vulnerable teeth.

All participants needed to initiate a three-step change process from their normal routine. This encompassed beginning a completely new oral hygiene routine, keeping up with it daily, and experiencing reinforcing results. By way of this new approach and process to oral hygiene, it led to a process of fundamental lifestyle change. 

The results were noteworthy and quite apparent. These participants who once had a damaged mouth and vulnerable teeth could now say that they experienced a comfortable mouth environment with strong teeth. Not only that, but there was a noticeable new emotional component that emerged. These participants now felt more confident and self-assured that they could keep up with this routine and maintain good teeth for life.

It’s important to note that there were also some barriers and facilitators that came into play while trying to incorporate Tooth Mousse into their daily oral hygiene routine.


The benefits and upsides were that these participants now experienced strong teeth and a comfortable mouth after having used Tooth Mousse regularly. These people valued this outcome, and it didn’t require continual restorations. Each of the participants in the study felt more compelled and motivated to use Tooth Mousse as part of their oral hygiene routine now that they had concrete results to boast about. This included strong teeth and a comfortable mouth environment. They were now more motivated to keep using it daily and, therefore, were able to maintain this use over time.  


Dental specialists recommend using Tooth mousse to target issues related to teeth demineralisation and enamel damage.

Tooth Mousse can be especially beneficial for individuals who experience high levels of sensitivity to temperatures when consuming food or drinks.

It can also further prevent sensitivity by protecting the teeth.

It can actively protect teeth from decay by repairing the enamel.

While it isn't able to reverse deep decay, it can reduce the risk of mineral loss and surface damage to the enamel, preventing the formation of cavities.

Tooth Mousse has been proven to protect teeth by neutralising an acidic environment, which could lead to enamel damage and tooth erosion.

By proactively bringing the minerals to your teeth, it can also reduce the risks of dental erosion, gum recession, and dry mouth syndrome, as its formula reduces the effect of bacterial attacks.

Tooth Mousse is a fantastic ally to bring your dental care to the next level.

When the enamel becomes weak or eroded, the dentine, which is the second layer of the tooth, can be exposed.

The exposed dentine is not equipped to fight off acidity or extreme temperatures, therefore causing sensitivity to the food or beverages you consume.

Tooth Mousse can help remineralise the exposed surface with calcium and phosphate components.

Enamel erosion is also a frequent source of dental complaints, especially for individuals exposed to morning sickness or reflux.

It can be commonly seen among pregnant mothers or people whose high stress levels affect their digestive process.

Indeed, gastric reflux or vomiting can expose your teeth to unhealthy, high levels of acidity, which can gradually erode the enamel and expose the dentine.

Tooth Mousse can provide an element of protection by neutralising the acid environment.

Acid is also a by-product of the bacteria in our mouth, which feeds on sugars for energy. These bacteria are directly linked to the formation of cavities.

A healthy diet that reduces sugar along with a healthy dental routine can help reduce risks.

But it is worth mentioning that decay comes in different stages. It first affects the enamel before reaching the tooth and creating a hole. During the first stages, decay can be reversed by replenishing the lost minerals through Tooth Mousse.

Finally, Tooth Mousse delivers minerals to your teeth. Mineral distribution is the role of saliva. However, if you have dry mouth syndrome, your saliva may not be able to provide sufficient mineral access. Therefore, the topical application of Tooth Mousse can help deliver the minerals your teeth need to stay strong and healthy against acid attacks.

Tooth Mousse can become an essential part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

We recommend incorporating it into your day-to-day dental care to buffer your teeth.

If you are unsure in which order you should use Tooth Mousse compared to your other dental products, please refer to this list:

Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that is adapted to your dental needs

Floss between each tooth

Use your mouth wash

Apply a pea-sized amount of Tooth Mousse

You can also consider using Tooth Mousse before dental procedures, including periodontal care, teeth whitening, and professional hygiene cleaning.

For children and adults wearing braces, Tooth Mousse can also actively prevent cavities around the areas that are not easy to clean.

Beware: it does not replace brushing and flossing!

Tooth Mousse is designed for topical application directly onto your teeth. It isn't for brushing and should not be squeezed on your toothbrush. Instead, use a small amount of the mousse onto your finger and spread it evenly on your teeth.

You can also help the application process with your tongue to reach the back of your teeth more comfortably.

Important note: The longer you leave Tooth Mousse in direct contact with your teeth, the more beneficial it'll be.

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to leave it at least 3 minutes for each application.

When you are finished, spit out the remaining product and leave the rest to dissolve naturally in your mouth.

Do not rinse, drink, or eat for 30 minutes after the application.

We recommend storing Tooth Mousse in a dry area and keeping it away from direct sunlight (8 to 25C).

You can find Tooth Mousse in different flavours and options. Tooth Mousse Original doesn't contain fluoride. Tooth Mousse Plus contains fluoride.

It is worth noting that Tooth Mousse uses milk protein, casein, as part of its formula. Therefore, it is not suitable for individuals with an allergy to milk proteins.

BreezeCare stores Tooth Mousse in an assortment of flavours, including Strawberry, Melon, Mint, Vanilla, and Tutti Frutti.

You can buy both the Tooth Mousse Original and the Tooth Mouth Plus from our website, with free shipping across Australia for all orders over $99.95.

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