BreezeCare has been researching and developing Breath Treatments since their inception in 1995. With the help of University professors from New Zealand and United States we have arguably produced the most effective treatment available.

 - Fresh Breath from the first use: This is due to our unique oxidation formulations that help remove the biofilm where bacteria that cause breath smells live.

 - Instantly removes sour bad taste: Added use of our hypertonic nasal flush helps to remove mucous caught in the back of the throat that feeds breath bacteria.

 - Health for teeth and gums: All our products and ingredients are continually researched. Breezecare researchers are dentists. So we know how important it is to only use healthy safe ingredients.

 - Full support from qualified professionals: We are not just a sales website like many out there. We actually run a full time dental clinic in Sydney Australia, where we evaluate patients every day.

 - Simple and easy to use: Breezecare has both online and phone support, to assist our customers with their questions about breath and treatment use of our kits.

 - Free post included: We always include Free Post around the world to help our customers save costs.

Testimonials on KForce Bad Breath Solutions


 - What Ingredients Do We Use: All our products are non foaming without SLS (a detergent used in commercial products that can cause dryness in the mouth). KForce also uses Xylitol and Erythritol shown to help promote good oral health. And finally our chewing gum contains Green Tea.

 - What Do I Do After This Kit: Your KForce Starter Kit will last 20Days. After you have completed your kit, you can order either just some of the products individually or simply order a Refill Kit which includes the main products. Simply replace your store bought toothpaste and mouthwash with our healthy alternatives.

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