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Explore our KForce Range to treat bad breath, maintain fresh breath and help dry mouth. Or maybe your dentist has recommended our Recaldent range of Tooth Mousse and Gum to help improve the quality of your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Come visit our Edgecliff Clinic in Sydney for an expert tailored diagnosis and treatment. We use patented machinery developed by Dr Speiser to diagnose the exact cause of Halitosis. This machinery is unique to us. We are a BUPA Platinum Clinic, established in 1981. Your exam, radiographs and clean are "gap free" or capped at a low price for non fund patients.


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GC Recaldent is a range of oral care products that help to protect your teeth. Recaldent is derived from cow's milk and contains the building blocks of tooth enamel. Your teeth receive extra protection against acid from food and drink. BreezeCare offers GC Recaldent Gum, Tooth Mousse, and Dry Mouth Gel to help you care for your dental health.

Our complete range of GC Recaldent products includes Recaldent Gum. It's available in a choice of flavours and can be bought as a tub or sticks. Choose from delicious mint, grape mint, berry mint, citrus mint, lime mint, and pine mint. Recaldent Gum is sugar-free and helps to stimulate saliva, preventing a dry mouth and keeping your teeth healthy. Saliva helps to break down and wash away bacteria to protect your teeth. With great flavours and excellent value, stocking up on Recaldent Gum is a must for your dental health.

GC Tooth Mousse is a protective crème available in a range of tasty flavours. Because it contains Recaldent, which has calcium and phosphate, it helps to protect your teeth from plaque, acid, and bacteria. BreezeCare sells Tooth Mousse Original and Tooth Mousse Plus, which provides additional protection. The Original is available in strawberry, melon, mint, vanilla, and tutti frutti, and the Plus is available in strawberry, mint, and vanilla flavours.

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Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath, or halitosis, is the odour given off by bacteria on your tongue. It can be improved with bad breath treatment from oral hygiene experts like Dr Speisser at BreezeCare.


Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria. They break down iron in the mouth, causing bleeding. The waste produced by these bacteria is what causes bad breath. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a build-up of these bacteria, as can conditions like gum disease.

Morning Breath

Why does our breath smell in the morning? Overnight, our saliva production can stop, and mucus thickens near our throat. This, combined with your tongue sitting in the back of your throat overnight, can allow these bacteria to build up and thrive.

Our Case Studies

We treat high profile bad breath cases, with an extremely high success rate. After a consultation with Dr Speisser and expert advice, our patients are able to return to good oral health and fresh breath.

What Products Can Help My Bad Breath?

The KForce bad breath kit can stop halitosis in its tracks. Dr Speisser at the BreezeCare clinic has created this innovative 20-day kit for good oral hygiene and breath. This is our signature product in combatting bad breath. 

More Products To Treat Bad Breath

BreezeCare also stocks many complementary treatments to support the KForce bad breath kit. Try our tongue cleaner, hypertonic spray or detox rinse for more help with your halitosis. Shop Bad Breath Treatment Products.

Dry Mouth Treatment

Having a dry mouth can be uncomfortable and frustrating. It may start to impact your mood and wellbeing if you don’t find the right dry mouth treatment. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, what to avoid, and how to treat it so you can be well and alleviate your symptoms.

What Causes Dry Mouth?

A good place to start when it comes to finding dry mouth treatment is to learn more about what causes dry mouth. You may be surprised to know that 64% of dry mouth is associated with medication use. Illness and the enlargement of major salivary glands are also common causes as it relates to dry mouth. The good news is that it can be helped with the right products.

Symptoms & What to Avoid

There may be some symptoms that arise to help you identify if you’re suffering from dry mouth. For instance, you may have difficulty eating certain foods such as biscuits and crackers. On the other hand, the skin of your mouth might appear extra dry or you may notice your lips sticking to your teeth more frequently when you talk. It tends to be worse between meals and you may experience intolerance to strong mint flavors. Below is a list of foods to avoid if you believe you have dry mouth:

  • Crusty bread (or dry foods)

  • Acidic foods

  • Salty foods

  • Spicy foods

  • Tough meats

  • Sugary foods and drinks

Treatment Options

Are you experiencing dry mouth? Then it may be time to investigate your treatment options further. Five dry mouth total protection products in particular can help and provide some relief. We encourage you to review our website for the benefits of each so you can decide which one you want to try to help your condition. Shop dry mouth treatment products today.

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