Step 1: Use KForce Tongue Gel

Using a "pea size" amount, gently brush the gel into the surface of the tongue. Try to get to the very back of the tongue.

Then scrape the tongue with a tongue cleaner, moving from the back of the tongue to the front of the tongue. You can spit out if necessary.

Step 2: Use KForce Toothpaste

Again, using a "pea size" amount, brush and clean your teeth, without adding water to the brush. You want to keep the toothpaste concentrated. You can spit out when finished if necessary.

Step 3: Cleaning Between Teeth

Use floss and Interndental brushes to clean between the teeth. These tools will pull the remaining toothpaste between the teeth for extra good cleaning.

Step 4: Rinse Your Mouth

Finally rinse your mouth with water. We advise not treat for 30 minutes after cleaning your mouth.

NOTE: If using the optional Nasal Spray, then we recommend using this first, wait a minute for the saline to travel from the nose to the throat. Spit out any spray that makes it into the mouth and rinse. Then start the cleaning instructions above.