Dr. Speiser the founder and CEO of BreezeCare has been a Dentist since 1981. More years than he would like to think. So we at BreezeCare have seen many fads and promises come and go in that time. Yet because we stay true to our methods and protocols we are still around helping sufferers of oral conditions such as Bad Breath and Dry Mouth in 2019.

In this time we noted that many people had a poor success rate when the bad breath was caused by sources other than hygiene. So BreezeCare was born to begin the mission to discover the actual cause and treatment for bad breath. Dr. Speiser said he "wanted to find a protocol and treatment that would be very predictable and extremely successful".

In 2006 we developed HALICHECK.This is a clinic protocol developed using Gas Chromography. Now considered the Gold Standard for diagnosis in the world. Halicheck led to an extremely accurate measuring method for bad breath. In fact Halicheck is 100 times more sensitive than the human nose. This allowed development of targeted breath treatments.

Australian Business Award 2006 - BreezeCare wins the Enterprise Award for achieving outstanding commercial success and sustainable growth. The Australian Business awards program recognises success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors. The awards honour Australia's industry leaders.

Smart Company Top 50 2007 - Smart Company Awards discover and recognise Australia's smartest entrepreneurs who are changing the business landscape. BreezeCare was ranked in the Top 50 Australian Companies out of hundreds of entries.

Optus Hottest Start Up 2008 - BreezeCare and Dr Speiser's Breath Clinic have won the the Optus and Smart Company Award as the Hottest Start-up company for 2008. We also ranked again in the Top 50 Australian Companies out of hundreds of entries.

BreezeCare Website reaches 2,500 hits a day in 2009 -We personally answer questions posted on the BreezeCare Breath Clinic web sites. These web site achieved the milestone of over 2500 hits per day, from people searching problems such as bad breath, halitosis, post nasal drip, dry mouth, sour taste and taste disorders, ulcers and sores of the mouth and tongue.

In 2009 - Dr. Speiser was invited to be a guest speaker at the Malaysian Dental Association Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The topic was "Setting up a Breath Clinic in a Dental Practice"

In 2012 - BreezeCare was a keynote lecture at the Southern Cross Dental Convention in Thailand.

In 2016 - BreezeCare was a keynote speaker at the Prime Dental Conference in Sydney.

NOTE - Bad Breath is easily treatable with the KForce Range of Products. KForce comes with a personal guarantee that if the products do not work for you, we offer you a Free Consultation at our Edgecliff Clinic to review your individual case.