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BreezeCare Halitosis Clinic is the world leader in face to face bad breath & dry mouth diagnosis. We use patented machinery considered to be the Gold Standard for scientific research to find the source of your issues and plan your treatment. Our products work extremely quick, in some cases overnight. So you can get back to the life you want.


What Happens In A Breath Appointment

 Step One

We go through a thorough health and lifestyle quiz. This is essential to see how you have been looking after your mouth over many years. Many times we can make a provisional diagnosis just from our questions.

Step Two

We will take a sample of you breath (mouth air) to be analysed by our Gas Chromograph called a Halicheck Oral Chroma. This machine breaks your breath sample into over 50 individual gases so we can see which ones you are high in, that might be causing your breath issue.

Step Three

You will undergo a complete dental examination by one of our Halicheck trained dentists. Usually this will be Dr Speiser (the developer of the KForce System). We will look at your teeth, your gums, your tongue, your saliva and also check if your throat may be part of your issues.

Halicheck Gets Results

From these three important steps we are able to put together a complete diagnosis as to why you may have a breath or dry mouth issue. If we feel your issue is a dental one then we can treat you quickly and simply for immediate results. However if we feel there is a medical component to your problem we have a group of medical specialists we also use for extra aid.

Lets Look At An Example

If the Halicheck Oral Chroma machine determines you are high in Methyl Mercaptan Gas (which smells of faeces) then we know from scientific research that the bacteria (Treponema denticola, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Tannerella forsythensis, Porphyromonas endodontalis and Eubacterium Species) all produce this gas. These bacteria only live in a few places in the mouth, but normally they are on the very back of the tongue at the gag reflex, or if you have gingivitis or periodontitis then they can live under the gums as well.

Gingivitis means swollen gums and almost all of the population will have some form of it due to quick cleaning we give our teeth every morning and occasionally at night that does not flush bacteria from the gums properly. Periodontitis is more severe and means swollen gums with bone loss. This is what happens when you have gingivitis for a long period of time. So it is the progression of the disease. Periodontitis affects mainly 35years of age and on. Recent research shows that almost 80% of the population over 50 years old will have some periodontitis in their mouth. So we know that if you are not able to properly clean the gag reflex of your tongue, or if your gums bleed when cleaned or flossed, or the floss smells then these are very clear defined signs of bacterial imbalance due to inadequate cleaning and gingivitis or periodontitis

We then confirm this diagnosis with a clinical examination of the mouth. By looking at the tongue and gag reflex we can see if there is a coating that is more than 12 hours old. After 12 hours is when the bacteria will start to break down proteins to smells. We can examine the condition of the gums with the use of a periodontal probe and x-rays.

Our science and research protocol enables us to definitively assess your halitosis for odour, location and strength. No other clinic or machinery can do this. We are available for consultations during the week at our Sydney Clinic

Book An Appointment

You can book a "Full Breath Consultation" with Dr Speiser at our BreezeCare Clinic, Edgecliff Sydney, below. Cost of the appointment is $430 of which we estimate you will receive a third and half back from your health fund. The appointment takes about one hour, for all tests, radiographs, saliva and dry mouth testing and diagnosis.

We also have a "Halicheck Consultation" that is with our Breath Consultant for $130. There is no rebate from the health fund as this is not a dental consultation. You will undertake a breath test with our Oral Chroma Halicheck machine that can break your mouth air into individual gases and identify the three main halitosis smells. Results are achieved in approximately 10 minutes. 


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