Breezecare - Halicheck Breath Consultation

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To book an appointment for HALICHECK or AIRFLOW CLEAN at our Edgecliff Office. Click the purchase button, and our office will call and make your time. 

The Halicheck Consultation was developed after consulting with various specialists around the world. I consider it the Gold Standard in breath measurement. And now we have combined it with our latest technology the Airflow Clean.

Below are the steps we undertake to diagnose and treat bad breath issues.

  1. HALICHECK - Gas Chromograph Mouth Air Measurement. The Gas Chromograph breath reading is such an amazing step in understanding bad breath and why you may have a smell issue A. sample of air is taken from the mouth and put into the Halicheck machine. This air is broken down to over 50 different mouth gases and allows us to identify the volume of the main bad breath gases. The test takes 8 minutes and will give us a measurement of bad breath coming from the tongue surface, teeth and gums and from the back of the throat at the gag reflex line. HALICHECK is the Gold Standard in measuring Halitosis.
  2. LIFESTYLE QUIZ - In depth analysis of your foods, medicines, daily activities and hygiene habits. Once we have determined the area where the bad breath bacteria are living, we need to work out why this imbalance occurred. Normally this is due to a lifestyle issue. It may be a cleaning error, or it can be overuse of mouthwash. It can even be foods or diets that you may undertake. I have developed an in depth quiz that examines all aspects of your hygiene protocol, medicine intake, illnesses, and food intake during the day. What you tell me on this quiz goes a long way in solving your Halitosis problem.
  3. CLINICAL EXAMINATION - Periodontal and Dental Examination. We are qualified dentists from Sydney University. We run a full time dental practice as well as our Breath Clinic. So the final step of the Bad Breath Consultation is to do a full examination on you and verify the findings of both the Halicheck Gas Chromograph and the in depth Lifestyle Quiz. This examination also enables us to determine if there are any dental issues that may be causing your problem, such as old restorations, impacted teeth and gum disease.