These are some of the questions we get every day: "How do I stop Bad Breath", "Why do I always have Bad Breath", "What causes Bad Breath even after brushing", "Why is my Bad Breath so stale", "Why does my Saliva smell", "How do I deal with Bad Breath", "Does a coated tongue cause Bad Breath".
BreezeCare has the proven Bad Breath Solution. We can help you finally remedy your breath. Get that cure and stop your Halitosis. Here is our information easily explained. KForce is only available from BreezeCare. Results are guaranteed. Now read on....


KForce Bad Breath Solution with $10 Post

Our unique formula provides complete Fresh Breath Support

 Fresh Breath from First Application  Instantly Removes Sour Bad Taste
 Healthy for Teeth and Gums
 Full Support from Qualified Professionals
 Simple and Easy to Use
 Experience the Powerful Effects Today


KForce Oral Health Products are the first complete solution specifically designed to remove Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VLCs), the known cause of Halitosis from the mouth and throat.

Testimonials on KForce Bad Breath Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does system work

KForce contains ingredients that tackle Volatile Sulphur Compounds VLCs (the known cause of halitosis). VLCs build up on the tongue, teeth and gums, and in the throat. BreezeCare has been treating patients since the 1990s and we have a long list of successful and happy customers. We also test and treat patients every day at our clinic with our Halicheck technology. 

What Ingredients Do We Use

All our products are non foaming without SLS (a detergent used in commercial products). Foaming  prevents cleaning the back of the mouth and causes dryness & mouth sores in 5% of women. KForce also uses Xylitol and Erythritol shown to help promote good oral health. And finally our chewing gum contains Green Tea.

Our Personal Guarantee

I have been treating halitosis since the 1990s. I am so confident in our KForce Treatment that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can attend our clinic and receive free treatment & diagnosis with our Halicheck machinery. This machine measures gases to accurately determine their concentration and smell potency.

What Do I Do After This Kit

Your KForce Starter Kit will last between 20Days. After you have completed your kit, you can order either just some of the products individually or simply order a Refill Kit which includes the main products. Simply replace your store bought toothpaste and mouthwash with our healthy alternatives.

KForce Bad Breath Solution with $10 Post