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We can help your Bad Breath. We have been treating this issue for over 20 years with great success. We guarantee what we do.

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Testimonial "I am writing to testify of what I have reaped from your products. I delayed in sending in my testimony because I wanted to really be sure of what I am writing. I noticed the difference right from the first time I used the products. But that was my own observation. I wanted to see other people's reaction because my problem was with people not with myself. I found myself at work with this senior colleague and she approached me to speak to me and I found myself responding so close as I have never done before and she did not withdraw her face quickly from me neither did she rub her hand on her nose and look at me as is usually the case. I have also noticed that so many other people I have spoken to, have not withdrawn from me either. I can now speak to people with confidence. I feel very happy with myself now. I feel liberated from this big burden that was standing in front of me."

Our Guarantee

I get that you are sceptical, but we are so confident in our treatment that if you need us we will review you for FREE at our clinic, and test you with our machinery. No one else makes such an offer. We do this to show you how passionately we believe in what we do.  So invest in yourself and we will invest in you!!!

I (Dr. Speiser), have been a dentist since 1981. And I can tell you that there is a lot of misinformation out there on how to treat such a socially embarrassing and important health condition as bad breath. You would have heard already that it comes from the stomach or you are not cleaning your teeth. Neither could be further from the truth. Thirty eight years of dentistry and a passion for a clear answer has helped me develop a logical treatment. My treatment has been used worldwide since 1995. We have trained dentists in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and United Kingdom. And I have been invited to speak at conferences in Thailand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. As well as multiple television shows and radio shows. All because we have the science to back up what we say.

We invested in machinery to measure breath samples so we could test our theories and prove to ourselves and others that what we do is correct and successful.  We also want to take the embarrassment and fear out of seeking treatment for bad breath. That is why we have a dedicated breath clinic, and a personal online service as well, where you can feel comfortable to completely approach your problem and allow us to help you.

So why did I choose this path. My interest was peaked by the fact that the information and treatment being served to the public was obviously wrong. Then I was lucky enough to meet the manufacturers of a breath analysis machine. This is a gas chromograph that can break a sample of air down and tell me exactly what gases are in that sample that make the different smells. That really was the breakthrough as not all bad breath is the same. Just like you can smell toothpaste on someone, or alcohol, or garlic. Bad breath is so distinct I was really curious what made the smells.

I could go on for hours talking about this science, but this is not the place. I do have an eBook that I am writing. So if you want to sign up to our mail list I will release it when it is finished.

What Is Actually In Your Breath

Your breath is a collection of Volatile Organic Compounds such as (toothpaste, mouthwash, food etc). But also your breath has Volatile Sulphur Compounds (the smells of bad breath).

The Volatile Sulphur Compounds are a result of bacteria metabolism. In other words they are made by bacteria breaking down different proteins and amino acids going about their normal daily cycle.

Once you understand the concept that bacteria make waste and the waste smells. You can start to make a system to treat the bad breath smells. And this is what we did.

    First thing that is important to know is the bacteria that make the bad breath smells live without oxygen, and therefore hide in the most uncomfortable places, making the cleaning extremely difficult and hard to achieve. But luckily, the waste products are in more accessable places. And this makes sense as the waste products are the things that smell. So they must be closer to the exit of the mouth and throat in order for the gases to escape and for others to smell. I put below the different gases and smells.

    Three Smells of Bad Breath We Tackle

    Rotten Egg Smell - This is the easiest gas to remove. It is from the front of the tongue, and it is due to poor oral hygiene. It comes from the breakdown of an amino acid called Cysteine giving off the gas Hydrogen Sulphide. easy to fix but hard to maintain. Why...because people are hard to motivate to clean their tongue all the time. As much as we like to say we have good hygiene. A lot of people don't clean their tongue before sleep, or just give it a cursory swipe thinking "I will do it properly in the morning". But that's another topic on its own.

    Poo Smell - This comes from the breakdown of Methionine giving off the gas Methyl Mercaptan. There are two main places this gas accumulates. and that is under the gums, and at the very back of the tongue under the uvula (that dangly bit at the back of your mouth). Seeing that gum disease mainly affects people from early 40s onwards. If you are under that age it is more likely to come from the back of the tongue. In this instance it is nasal mucous dripping onto that area and then being decomposed by bacteria and releasing the gas.

    Garbage, Poo Breath, Stale Taste - This comes from the breakdown of Methionine to Dimethyl Sulphide. This is the most smelly of all the gases. It comes from mucous caught at the back of the throat and leaking onto the tongue surface. This is the hardest type of smell to fix up, as cleaning alone through the mouth is not sufficient. You also need to flush through the nose to get to this area. And in at least 50% of such cases you need the help of a medical specialist called an ENT Doctor. This gas is partly a medical condition and partly a dental condition.

    Bad Breath Products Must Do Two things

    1. Control the Bacteria - My belief is that we should cull and control the volume of the bacteria. This is simply done by using a mouthwash that generates oxygen. Why... because the bacteria prefer a non oxygen environment. So oxygen will quickly and effectively work on the bacteria volume. By the way all of these assumptions were proven with laboratory testing and agar plates at universities in New Zealand and USA. So we can reduce the volume of bacteria and use particular products to keep the levels acceptable.

    2. Remove the Smelly slime Layer (Biofilm) - We are trying to clean the front of the tongue, back of the tongue, under the gums and also the back of the throat. These are the main areas where the slime layer (biofilm) builds up.

    Remember that the bacteria will have new slime that creates smells every 12 or so hours. So this cleaning cycle needs to be done a minimum of twice a day, and depending how well you can remove the bacteria sometime it needs to be done more frequently.

    KForce Products (our development)

    Surprising fact.....No store bought products work...I know thats a broad statement. But let's go back to my original statement. Bad breath is not a sexy condition and not a money spinner, so the commercial companies do not manufacture products specific for what we need them to do. Commercial products will foam, stopping cleaning in those uncomfortable areas at the back of the mouth. They contain extremely harsh disinfectants such as chlorhexidine gluconate to try and kill bacteria. As I pointed out that's not what we need to do as other bacteria will replace the dead ones very quickly. and all of the products contain alcohol or acid in order to get a long shelf life and keep the products stable for sale.

    KForce does not foam, so they are easier to use for cleaning those uncomfortable areas at the gag reflex. They are all neutral or slightly alkaline so that they will not damage your teeth or sensitive mouth tissues. And they do not contain strong disinfectants like some commercial products. Rather we decided to use some university discoveries such as patented green tea antioxidants and our own oxygenating ingredients that we have proven to work with the volume of patients that we see at our clinic.


    Remember everything we use and recommend we have tested in the laboratories, and then passed for safety regulations so that we know we are helping your oral health and tackling your condition at the same time.

    The 20Day Challenge Kit, has everything in it needed to tackle your problem. And I would recommend you add the nasal spray unless you are 100% sure your issue is not from the back of the tongue or the throat. Ongoing it is simpler to just use one Challenge Kit per month. But you will decide what you need once you use our products.

    We manufacture in small volumes to ensure high quality. What we offer is specific products for bad breath that we know work. And we are so confidant in what we do that you are welcome to come to our clinic in Edgecliff, Sydney and have a free consultation if you are not 100% satisfied.

    And let us be honest, we cannot fix everyone by simply selling products over the Internet. Sometimes you need that "one on one" consult to truly understand the individual problem.

    But what I can say is that we have been doing this since 1981, and we get results. We are proud of what we do and what we offer. Now it is up to you to try KForce and see how it works for you. Please give us feedback, and visit us if you need more help.

    Ready to purchase? You can buy this kit right here at the top of this page. But if you want to read more, and see what is contained in the kit. Just continue onto our product page with the link below. Remember we will give you $10 off today to incentivise you to get started on your path back to fresh breath and confidence. You deserve it!!  And do not forget our 100% guarantee!!............ Click Here To Read More ->